"Documentary" Movies

I Am Not Your Negro (2017)

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Writer James Baldwin tells the story of race in modern America with his unfinished novel, Remember This House.

Rise of the Warrior Apes (2016)

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Filmed over 23 years, Rise of the Warrior Apes tells the epic story of an extraordinary troop of chimpanzees in Ngogo, Uganda – featuring four mighty warriors who rule through moral ambiguity, questionable politics, strategic alliances and destroyed trust.

One Step Beyond (2017)

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One Step Beyond, as the name itself already implies, is the movie that will take you out of the ordinary life and daily stereotype. Actors are weird and not too physically fit people. In any city they visit they are interested only in local food, where to get bolt cutters, always have charged grinder, where to steal fridge magnet for their mums and spent as much time as possible tens of meters under the ground. Only there they experience the real sightseeing and unforgettable moments.

Damagers 2 (2017)

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The DRS Crew is back with the second DVD with 1 hour runtime. Panels, Wholecars and lots of live action, perhaps even a Wholetrain on Subway? Every wish will be granted for you, grab some stuff - sit back and watch some hot graff action straight from the heart of Berlin to your home cinema.

Art Bastard (2016)

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What is art and how does it relate to society? Is its value determined by its popularity or originality...

When Two Worlds Collide (2016)

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An indigenous environmental activist takes on the large businesses that are destroying the Amazon.

Truth and Lies The Family Manson (2017)

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The world will learn more about the infamous Charles Manson and his family of followers, in the documentary titled, Truth & Lies: the Family Manson. The Manson murders are so terrifyingly famous, few need to be reminded what happened to actress Sharon Tate and her friends on December 8, 1969. On that night in Beverly hills, Tate and eight others were the victims of the Manson family, led by Charles Manson.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Revealed (2015)

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Kingsman: The Secret Service Revealed: The Kingsman: The Secret Service Blu-ray has a full arsenal of bloody good added materials that bring the world of the Kingsman to life. Not only can you see a gorgeous gallery of behind-the-scenes images from the film’s production, but the Kingsman: The Secret Service Revealed documentary also gives you an exclusive 90-minute look into the film’s iconic style, fights, gadgets and more.

World's Worst Journeys from Hell (2014)

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World's Worst Journeys from Hell: Everyone has experienced journeys that have not gone to plan, but this documentary reveals the moments when things go spectacularly wrong. There is shocking footage from a thrill-seeking speed-freak who takes his eyes off the road and finds himself smashing at full throttle into the rear of a car. Finally, a recently engaged British couple take a romantic trip up one of Europe’s tallest mountains – only to find themselves clinging to each as their cable car grinds to a halt and the weather closes in! All the drama is captured, relived and retold moment by moment, journey by journey, in this breathtaking documentary.

The Queen of Versailles (2012)

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A documentary that follows a billionaire couple as they begin construction on a mansion inspired by Versailles. During the next two years, their empire, fueled by the real estate bubble and cheap money, falters due to the economic crisis.

Star Paws: The Rise of Superstar Pets (2014)

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Star Paws: The Rise of Superstar Pets: Cute kittens, excitable puppies and professional pets - the advertising industry wants them all. Inspired by the popularity of humorous online videos and internet celebrities like Grumpy Cat, who has lent her face to a range of products including calendars, mugs and T-shirts, pets are now big business. This Cutting Edge documentary tells the story of the animal agents and owners whose job it is to supply a new wave of four-legged stars to appear in some of the world's favorite advertisements.

Revealing Mr Maugham (2012)

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Documentary film on the life and work of author W. Somerset Maugham. His life and work discussed by writers such as Armistead Maupin and Alexander McCall-Smith and experts such as Selina Hastings.

Why The Industrial Revolution Happened Here (2013)

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Jeremy takes a look at one of the most revolutionary periods in British history, as he explains the unique economic, social and political conditions that led to the country becoming the richest, most powerful nation on the planet during the 19th century.

Shark Kill Zone (2014)

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Travel to ten shark hot spots to discover spectacular shark feeding behavior.

Palmyra: Rising from the Ashes (2017)

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Documentary following a team of technicians in Italy as they reconstruct a number of historic Middle Eastern artefacts that were vandalised at the hands of Islamic State.

Betting on Zero (2016)

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Writer/director Ted Braun follows controversial hedge fund titan Bill Ackman as he puts a billion dollars on the line in his crusade to expose Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in history.

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide (2017)

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Watch Chris Gethard: Career Suicide (2017) Full Movie Online Free

Fight for Space (2016)

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Fight for Space explores the past, present, and future state of the US Space Program, while making the...

Keas: New Zealand's Witty Daredevils (2015)

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Unlike any other parrots, the Keas, New Zealand's astonishingly intelligent mountain parrots, just love the snow, the cold and the harsh environment.

Last Days of Solitary (1970)

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In 2011, Maine State Prison launched a pioneering reform programme to scale back its use of solitary confinement. Bafta and Emmy-winning film-maker Dan Edge and his co-director Lauren Mucciolo were given unprecedented access to the solitary unit - and filmed there for more than three years. The result is an extraordinary and harrowing portrait of life in solitary - and a unique document of a radical and risky experiment to reform a prison. The US is the world leader in solitary confinement. More than 80,000 American prisoners live in isolation, some have been there for years, even decades. Solitary is proven to cause mental illness, it is expensive, and it is condemned by many as torture. And yet for decades, it has been one of the central planks of the American criminal justice system.

Giselle: Belle of the Ballet (2017)

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Tamara Rojo, dancer and artistic director of English National Ballet, explores Giselle - the first great Romantic ballet...

Young Dolph: King (2017)

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Watch Young Dolph: King (2017) Full Movie Online Free

Degrees North (2017)

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Degrees North mixes hair-raising action footage of leading freeriders with a story of adventure and discovery...

Missing 411 (2016)

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A documentary that chronicles the similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America, across multiple decades.